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About Sweet Binks Rabbit Rescue

Help us spread the message to ADOPT A BUNNY!

Sweet Binks Rabbit Rescue was officially founded in March 2002, but had been doing private rescue since 2000. Even in a little state like Rhode Island, the amount of homeless and shelter relinquished pet rabbits is extremely high, and Sweet Binks helps many, many rabbits who would not have had a second chance.

Sweet Binks is incorporated and a federally recognized 501c(3) nonprofit organization, and is also the RI chapter of the international nonprofit organization, the House Rabbit Society. We have a custom 1800 sq. ft., licensed shelter facility for area shelter or stray bunnies to come to when their time is up at city shelters/pounds.

Sweet Binks has placed over 3500 rabbits into great homes since 2002! Many thanks to those who have adopted from Sweet Binks and those who support us, including our volunteers! We have made many great friends along the way, and hope to meet many, many more.

Sweet Binks works with many Rhode Island and other area shelters. We have an excellent rapport with these organizations, and are always there to help bunnies in need. We do not take rabbits from individuals, as we have a limited intake, and we get numerous calls every week from people looking to re-home their bunnies. So we choose to help the buns in shelters that do not have another option.

We also serve to educate on proper rabbit care, diet, and assist rabbit caretakers in any questions they may have. We also provide angora grooming/training and more. You will often see us doing area events to promote adoption, spay/neutering, and more! Help us spread the message to ADOPT A BUNNY! And we also ask that you help us to help the bunnies in any way you can. If you are interested in volunteering with educational events, please send us an e-mail! The bunnies thank you.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed it's the only thing that ever does." -Margaret Mead

In August 2005, Sweet Binks founder & Shelter Manager, Pamela Hood was honored to receive the Rhode Island Veterinary Medical Associations' Animal's Best Friend Award! This award is given to express appreciation of humane efforts on behalf of animals, the RIVMA has established the Animal's Best Friend Award to recognize a non-veterinarian who has responsibly gone above and beyond the call of duty to save the life of, and/or significantly promoted the well being of, one or more animals during the last twelve months. Thank you RIVMA and the RISPCA for nominating Pam!