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The Sweet Binks Shelter

Sweet Binks has a state licensed, private rabbit shelter facility. Area shelter buns now have a great place to live until adopted to a home of their own! Thank you to all who have contributed to make “Bunland” a reality.

Bunland has three living sections (12’ x 14’) which house approximately 8 - 10 buns each, and two smaller sections 14’ x 6’ for new arrivals (un-spayed females and one for un-neutered males). There is also a quarantine area for new rabbits with various medical issues to be treated before entering the main rabbit living sections.

The walk-way with bun sections on right. Bunland is heated with propane heat and ventilated through several ceiling ducts. Air conditioned for the summer also. The slanted wood part is a large storage area.

Opposite View

Each bun section has a basement hopper window, which the buns love! Also, skylights and many windows for a great source of natural light, and for basking in the sun!