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Rabbit Adoption

There are so many *good* reasons to consider adoption besides saving a life!

If you are considering bringing a bunny or two into your home, please consider adoption. Right now on, there are almost 3,000 homeless bunnies listed! For every bunny that is “purchased”, a shelter bunny loses a potential home. Many wonderful bunnies are in shelters and foster homes around the country just waiting for the right human to come adopt them!

Too many times we hear of baby buns not surviving days or weeks after purchase, or grow to be a 12 lb. bunny when the pet store told them it was a dwarf! The life of breeding female rabbits to equip stores with baby bunnies is usually the same as a puppy mill dog, bred over and over until she can not breed anymore. Many baby bunnies for sale are not healthy as they are taken away from their mother way too young, because tiny, baby bunnies sell better. Most pet store employees know nothing about that little bunny you are thinking about buying, and you will probably go home with bad advice, lack of knowledge, and poor products.
Many people feel they want a baby bunny, so the bunny will bond to them. Unfortunately, this is a popular misconception and baby bunnies grow up extremely fast! Within a couple of months, baby bunny will begin to sexually mature and may develop the common behaviors of aggressiveness, digging, nipping, and territory marking associated with raging bunny hormones! It will then be spay/neuter time, and most vets do not handle rabbit alterations, and those that do, average between $125 (neuter) to $250 (spay) in Rhode Island. We believe baby bunnies are actually best suited for experienced house bun people! Baby buns and adolescent “teenage” buns can be a handful and serious bun-proofing, training and patience is needed!
By adopting a bun, you know just what kind of bunny you are adopting, his/her temperament, size, sex, and more! The buns at Sweet Binks are well known by the time they are placed for adoption and we will help you find the right bun for you. By adopting a “matured” rabbit, you will know exactly how that bunny is and we are certain you will be thrilled with having a litterbox trained, spay/neutered, well socialized bunny companion from the start! Also, you are not contributing to the rabbit overpopulation problem by encouraging pet shops or breeders to raise more! Especially, when our shelters always have buns needing homes.

If your heart is set on a baby bunny, still adopt one, even if you have to wait until one comes in (and they do!) Sweet Binks or other organizations you adopt from will be there to help you along the way and you would still be saving a bun. 

We do receive many inquiries from folks looking for a specific breed or type. We ask that you open your mind and heart to other buns, as we are certain you will be pleasantly surprised by what you find! So fill out the adoption application, e-mail or call, if you are interested in adopting a house bunny! Also, once you adopt a bun from Sweet Binks, we will always be there for advice, questions, and any problems, to ensure both you and your bunny are doing fine!
If you are a first time bunny owner or potentially future bunny owner, we strongly encourage you to read There is so much excellent information there on rabbit care, behavior, litterbox training, health, bun-proofing, and more. The more you know, the happier you both will be!