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Bunnies Needing Homes

The following are some of the rabbits at Sweet Binks that are available for adoption.

Adoptable buns have been spayed or neutered, are well adjusted, friendly, healthy, and litterbox trained. Adoptions to indoor homes only. Adoption fees are $60 for spay/neutered singles, $110 for a bonded pair, and $30 for baby bunnies (if available). Please read our adoption policies before filling out an adoption application. Once you have read our adoption policies and they are found applicable and are interested in adopting, please fill out our online adoption application. We will contact you promptly.

Many of the adoptable rabbits are bonded pairs. For most people, they start out adopting one bunny and then later will seek to “bond” their rabbit with another (spayed/neutered of course) bunny. Rabbits are very social creatures and are happiest when with another. We can arrange for a potential bonding also. If your bun is expected to be alone more then 5 hours a day and all night too, it is advisable to consider adopting a bonded pair. If you have a spayed/neutered rabbit and would like to bond your rabbit, we will do the bonding!

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Sweet Binks has some rabbits that are considered sanctuary rabbits but would be placed in a home that has experience and willingness to adopt special needs rabbits. Due to issues like old age and dental disease, these rabbits will not likely get adopted. Still great buns but they need special attention and care. Sponsorship of these rabbits would be great too. If interested in sponsoring a hard to place or sanctuary rabbit, please contact us.

Adoption Policies/Application