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Rabbit Adoption Policies

*If you can comply with our adoption policies below and want to continue with the adoption process, please READ the following and fill out our adoption application. Please read the following to help expedite the application process.

Listed are the basic adoption policies of Sweet Binks Rabbit Rescue.

Please Read Thoroughly!

1. Primary caregiver must be a responsible adult and children should not be expected to care for the rabbit entirely. The whole family must want the rabbit, and the rabbit should be considered as being a part of the family. Rabbits are long term commitments and adoptions for a child should be seriously considered. Rabbits will not be adopted out to live in classrooms, daycares, nursing homes, etc.

2. Rabbits are adopted to indoor homes only as household companions. No garages, outdoor hutches, or other non-human living areas will be considered as an indoor home. If you are planning to house the rabbit even a portion of the time outdoors, please adopt elsewhere or reconsider getting a rabbit.

3. Rabbits need plenty of social interaction and play time. If a rabbit is expected to be alone a good portion of the day, it is highly recommended to adopt a pair. Rabbits are not caged pets and we highly recommend pen type set ups (we offer new pens) and not small cages/pet shop purchased cages.

4. All adoptable rabbits have been spayed/neutered. Sweet Binks will only adopt rabbits to homes with other rabbits as long as all the rabbits have been altered. Sweet Binks will only conduct bondings with altered rabbits, meaning the potential adopters rabbits must be spayed/neutered a minimum of 30 days to be introduced to a Sweet Binks bonding candidate(s.) If a baby rabbit is adopted, strict adoption policies are required to ensure spay/neutering when age appropriate.

5. Returns or Exchanges: Although adopters are screened to believed to be able to provide a forever home for a rabbit(s), sometimes situations happen where the rabbit can not be kept in her adopted home. Whenever a rabbit is adopted and can no longer stay with the person who adopted the rabbit(s), the rabbit(s) must be returned to Sweet Binks, no matter what the time span. Rabbits can not be exchanged, except in bonding situations or other situations where Sweet Binks feels it is in the best interest.

6. Renters must have proof of landlord permission to adopt a rabbit. Sweet Binks does not adopt to college students living in dorms or renting before graduation. We believe a dormitory is not a suitable environment and is usually prohibited. College students lives are uncertain and a rabbit is a long term commitment. We feel it is best to wait after graduation and once settled before adopting a rabbit.

7. Adoption fees are nonrefundable, as they are donations to Sweet Binks Rabbit Rescue. Adoption fees are $60 for a spayed/neutered single rabbit or $110 for a bonded pair.

8. Adoptions must be conducted in person, Sweet Binks will not ship rabbits. Adoptions are first come, first served upon adoption approval. Sweet Binks will not hold rabbits for possible adoption unless the adoption fee is paid and/or adoption contract signed. Sweet Binks will hold a “new arrival" until spaying or neutering if the adoption fee is paid.

Rabbit Adoption Application